Available technical equipment (selection)
comminution jaw breaker, fine roller mill, tumbling mills, disc vibrating mill (WC), disc mill, pin crusher mill, ball mills, annular passage mill
mixing Eirich-mixer, 5 to 400 litre; double shaft mixer, 5 to 70 litre
granulation spray dryer ZT 50
plastification different Eirich-mixer (5l…400l), kneader 20l (Co. Linde)
dry pressing uniaxial press (160 t), isostatic press (max. 1.700 bar)
extrusion vacuum extrusion presses (Co. Netzsch, Händle, Kema), piston extrusion press
casting manual- and pressure casting (equipment DG 80, Co. Dorst)
drying clime dryer (Co. Weiss), a lot of  lab dryers
sintering box kilns (gas, until 1.600°C), high speed kiln for tiles (electr.), gradient kiln (electr.), different muffle kilns (electr., until 1.750 °C)
other equipment autoclave (until 40 bar), magnetic separator ERIEZ (wet and dry separation), box filter press

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Campione

Phone: +49 3521 463542

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Gero Stolle

Phone: +49 3521 463530