KI Keramik-Institut GmbH

The Keramikinstitut was founded in 2000 as an institute for applied ceramics research, and today it has 22 employees. The company looks back on a long history tightly connected with that of the “porcelain town” of Meissen. The world-famous Meissen manufactory is located here, though sanitary ceramics, refractories, tiles and technical ceramics are made in Meissen as well. A first comprehensive test laboratory for the ceramic industry of the town, the Zentrallabor, was established in 1960. It became the forerunner of the present Keramikinstitut.

As our client:

  • You will benefit from both the unique knowledge accumulated during 40 years of research, and from our unique testing facilities. At the Keramikinstitut, only qualified specialists with scientific backgrounds take responsibility for your research.
  • Our work is absolutely free from third-party interests.
  • Because we are an independent commercial enterprise, we strive to achieve the appropriate results for you as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • The results of your research are, of course, strictly confidential.