Competition advantage through new technologies and products

16th Eurosymposium of the Keramik-Institutes
13th - 14th September 2011 in Radebeul

A brief summary of the presentations can be found below, while photos from the evening reception in Königstein can be found here

Dr. Detlef Oertel, Rüdiger Köhler   "Use of monitor glass in construction ceramics"

Dr. Othmar Latief              "Rheological characterisation of sanitary masses with the rotational viscometer"

Dr. Rainer Bartusch, Dietmar Menzer "Casting complicated ceramic components"
Regina Vogt                 "CO2-reduction in ceramic firing"
Paul Kuch                         "Optimised raw material concepts for the production of large-format ceramic products"
Dr. Fritz Mödinger                      "Solid and liquid fuels in comparison to natural gas – technologies and costs"
Joachim Grothe "Quo vadis Engobe"
Ralf Bormann                            "The backing brick – an all-rounder’s trip through time"
Jan Bauer                           "Tradition into the future – or on the practical use of a truly precious material"