Ceramics in the 21st Century – Opportunities and Challenges

15th Eurosymposium of the Keramik-Institutes
14th - 15th September 2010 in Meißen

A brief summary of the presentations can be found below, while photos from the evening reception in Meissen can be found here

Dr. Günter Naumann                               "The development of the ceramics region that is Meissen"
Werner Griebe                                  “Construction of sanitary ware production facilities – comparing China and India”
Matthias Grizwa                                “Novel spray-out technology for cleaning roofing tile forms”
Hans-Jürgen Walter                         ”Mixing technology for the highest demands in ceramics”
Dr. Rainer Bartusch                             “Current situation and trends in the use of extrusion procedures”
Udo Scholz                                   “Ceramic construction materials in building construction – challenges for industry and architects”
Rüdiger Köhler                                  “Egypt – a global player in sanitary ceramics and tile production?”
Prof. Dr. Rainer Telle                     ”Research Today – a contribution to the future”
Dr. Jens Petzold                                 ”Ceramic fibers”