Pilot plant: Preparation

Water evaporation capacity: approx. 60+120l/h
Minimum preparation: 100 kg solids

Ystral mixer
Jetstream mixer, ceramic construction
Filter press Pressed quantity per cycle: 50 - 60 kg                                                  Press pressure: 12 bar
CoBall mill Middle grinding-chamber volume 0.5 l
Ball mill Drum capacities: 40 l, 100 l, 250 l
Cylinder mill 4 - 6 mills with mill capacities from 5 - 10 l
Slip transport pump Pumping capacity: 60 l/h
Agitator mill Payload volume: ca. 3.6 l
Vacuum agitator Payload volume: ca. 30 l
Roller mill Roller diameter 180 mm, width 190 mm                                           Smallest possible gap width: ca. 0.8 mm
Granulating plate Plate diameter: 400 mm                                                                Infinitely variable speed up to 400 rpm                                          Adjustable plate angle
Vibration disk mill Wet and dry micro-grinding of small quantities, tungsten carbide
Jaw crusher Grain size achievable: 1 mm
Disc mill Maximum charge particle size: 20 mm                                              Grinding gap adjustment (product-dependent): 1.0 – 0.1 mm
Pin mill Throughput: 20 kg/h; exchangeable sieve trays
Turbo pulper Charge quantity: 50 l

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Gero Stolle

Phone: +49 3521 463530