SCR-catalysts designed for flue gas cleaning (flue-gas denitrification)

The Keramik-Institut offers the material-based and technological development of monolithic SCR-catalysts for flue gas cleaning (diesel passenger cars) including flue-gas denitrification (power plants, biogas, waste incineration).

The illustration above shows the sample workpiece of a SCR-catalyst with a cross-section of 50x50 mm and a cell density of 400channels per square inch (cpsi) produced in the Keramik-Institut and for usage in a diesel-powered truck.

The Keramik-Institut concentrates on the development of ceramic honeycomb bodies including not only complete catalysts but also substrates (supporting honeycombs) for coated catalysts. This includes the following technological steps:

  • Mass preparationand production of a mouldable mass by means of an intensive mixer and a double shaft kneader
  • Impregnation of powdery support material with a catalytically active substance from a solution or subsequent coating of the fired honeycomb
  • Production of honeycombs (e.g. 50 x 50 mm, other sizes possible) with cell densities ranging from 10 until 400 cpsi (= channel per square inch)
  • Drying and firing of honeycombs

The extensive characterization and optimization of honeycomb bodies is based on the analytical methods mentioned below:

  • Ceramic-technological characterization
  • Chemical and physical characterization
  • Determination of catalytic activity regarding different gas compositions and flow rates

The following honeycomb materials can be offered:

  • Titanium dioxide (anatase, with or withouttungsten trioxide stabilization)
  • Aluminium oxide
  • Cordierite
  • Other materials are possible

If requested, we will also support you regarding the planning, the starting as well as the optimization of a production line regarding our SCR-catalysts.

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