Ceramics - Tradition for the future

10th Eurosymposium of the Keramik-Institutes
13th - 14th September 2005 in Radebeul

Prof. Dr. W. Schulle
“The ceramic industry into the future”

M. Schmidt
“Bull in a China Shop – how marketing can help the traditional industry of ceramics”

“Strategies of the German ceramics industry in reacting to increasing globalisation”

M. Kotrc
"Simulation of ceramic material drying processes using a particle method"

D. Erdmann
“Innovative materials and procedures in die-casting”

Dr. J. Petzold
“The wonder of colours – colour variety in construction ceramics"

M. Rott
"Keraflex – ‘White Gold’ reinvented"

Dr. R. Bartusch
“Ceramics and metal – composite material for the future”

G. Stolle
“Analytical possibilities to support defect elimination in the ceramics industry”

Dr. J. Klavins
“Methods to optimise offset components while observing exact process conditions”