Innovation in Ceramics – Opportunities for the Future

14th Eurosymposium of the Keramik-Institutes
15th - 16th September 2009 in Weinböhla

A brief summary of the presentations can be found below, while photos from the evening reception in Weinböhla can be found here

Dr. Jens Petzold              “Development and technologies to increase the effectiveness of firing aggregates”                            

Klaus Ott                           “Application of agitator ball mills in high performance and silicate ceramics”
Matthias Grizwa                           “Fully automatic roofing tile sorting – an innovative computer visualisation and computer-aided quality test"
Ulrike Wiech                         ”Together we are strong” – economic ceramic-alliance systems”
Dr. Joachim Ulbricht                “Reduction of sintering temperatures in a slow-burning kiln for ceramics research”
Ralf Borrmann                            “Anti-cyclical investment: well prepared for the future – Modernisation at Bamberscheid brickworks"
Prof. Dr. Gerd Stanke                     “Use of digital image processing for the production of sanitary ceramics”
Carsten Wünsche                           ”Perfect firing from the laboratory – the new research oven DC 4"
Rüdiger Köhler                   ”Experiences in the increase of energy efficiency in the European ceramics industry”