Laboratories: Analysis / test equipment
Weighing scales
Weighing range up to 12000 g

Testing machine for flexural and compressive strenth

Force messuring: 1 kN, 10 kN

Testing machine for particle density

Specific surface area (Areameter)
0,1 - 1000 m²/g

Testing machine for surface abrasion Abrasimeter: variable rotation max. 12000 (DIN EN 10545)

Grinding wheel (Böhme)

Porosimeter Pore size:  4 nm - 116 µm                                               pressure: max. 4000 bar

Reflectoneter (Measuring unit for determining the gloss) Standard geometries: 20°, 60°, 80° and combinations               Test area: 90 x 35 mm

Rheometer Shear rate: 0,9 bis 4•10-3 s-1 ; thermostat

Rheometer (Gallenkamp)
wire: 24, 26, 30, 32, 34, 36 SWG

Viscocity cup nozzles                                                                               nach Lehmann: 1,13; 1,6; 2,26; 3,2; 4,51; 6,38 mm               nach Keyl: 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 8 mm 

shrinkage 50 and 100 mm

X-ray spectrometer
chemical composition of solids and powders, F to Pb, 10 ppm to 100%

X-ray diffractometer
phase composition of solids and powders, special anlysis of clay minerals, more than 100 preparation of standards of all regions from oxidic materials, quality analysis with ICCD Powder Diffraction File

carbon analyser
infrared spectroscopy, determination of total carbon, organic und inorganic carbon of solids and powders, tube furnace to 1500°C

Thermogravimetry (TG) / differential thermal analysis (DTA) Temperature range: room temperature to 1600°C

Dilatometer Temperature range: room temperature to 1600°C

Dilatometer Temperature range: -170 to 1000°C

Stegerspannmessgerät Temperature range: room temperature 1000°C

Heating microscope Temperature range: room temperature to 1500°C

SediGraph Measuring range: 0,1 - 250 µm

Laser granulometer Measuring range: 40 nm - 400 µm

Color meters Spectrophotometer with gloss trap

Scanning electron microscope with EDX-spectrometer; all elements from atomic number 6 to 92

Stereo microscope with digital image aquisition; 100x magnification

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