Pilot plant: Forming
Die-casting plant Medium pressure range 40 bar; max. tool size 600 x 700 mm² (clamping area); Slip pre-warming possible
Vacuum extrusion press

PVPS20: max. mouthpiece diameter 200 mm; throughput ca. 2.5 t/h

PZVQRG-8a: screw diameter 80 mm; max. moulding pressure 80 bar; extruded profile with external dimensions of ca. 0.3 cm² to 50 cm²

V5: max. log diameter 33 mm; throughput 30 - 80 kg/h

V10HD: max. log diameter 60 mm; throughput 300 - 500 kg/h

Piston extruder KP 200A (piston press)

horizontal  or vertical use, pressure up to 280 bar, pressure head up to 155 mm, vacuum possible

Uniaxial press

Pressing force: 160 t; press table size: 800 x 800 mm, top and bottom  ram press

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Campione

Phone: +49 3521 463542