Brick and clinker brick testing

Determination of Water Soluble Salts (elution method or percolation method) (old: DIN 51100)

Determination of Floating Enclosures (steam test) following DIN EN 771-1

Determination of the Acid Resistance depending on the use,

  • Following DIN EN ISO 10545-13; bricks
  • Following DIN 51102-1;sewerage stoneware
  • Following DIN EN 993-16; for example ceramic clinker for acid protective building
  • Following DIN 4051; sewer brick

Abrasive Wear Test according Böhme, following DIN 52108

  • Determination of the loss of volume
  • Determination of the loss of thickness

Determination of the Moisture Expansion with the dilatometer after autoclave treatment

Determination of the Crazing Safety of glazed structural ceramics in the autoclave

Determination of the UV-Resistance / Light Stability of glazed structural ceramics by means of cyclic stress with UV radiation and sprinkling

Determination of Weathering Resistance of glazed structural ceramics to moisture and temperature in the climate chamber

Determination of the Resistance of Surfaces to Boiling Water and Water Vapour following DIN ISO 2744 by using a tester following DIN ISO 2733

Determination of the Compression Strength of solid bricks and hollow bricks

Measurement of Geometrical Properties following DIN EN 771-1

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