Roofing tiles testing

Determination of Frost Resistance of roofing tiles and roofing tiles accessories following DIN EN 539-2, frost acts on all over after impregnation in vacuum

Water impermeability of roofing tiles following DIN EN 539-1

Determination of Water Soluble Salts (elution method), (old: DIN 51110)

Determination of Floating Enclosures (steam test) (old: DIN 105-1)

Abrasive wear test according to Böhme following DIN 52108

  • Loss of volume
  • Loss of thickness

Determination of Moisture Expansion with the dilatometer after hydrothermal treatment

Determination of the Crazing Safety of glazed structural ceramics in the autoclave

Determination of UV-Resistance / Light Stability of glazed structural ceramics accomplishing cyclic stress with UV radiation and sprinkling

Determination of Weathering Resistance of glazed structural ceramics to moisture and temperature in the climate chamber

Determination of the Resistance of Surfaces to Boiling Water and Water Vapour following DIN ISO 28706-2 by using a tester as described in DIN ISO 2733

Measurement of Geometrical Properties of roofing tiles following DIN EN 1024

Determination of the Bending Loading Capacity of roofing tiles following DIN EN 538

Determination of the Leaching Behaviour (chemical resistance) of glazed roofing tiles following DIN EN ISO 28706-2 (old: DIN EN 14483-2)

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