Moulding materila testing

Determination of the Plus Mesh on the sieves 3,15 mm; 1,25 mm; 0,2 mm following DIN ISO 3310-1

Determination of the Particle Size Distribution 0,04 – 400 µm using a laser granulometer CILAS 1064 following testing station instruction 15, measurement in alcohl

Determination of the Strew Amount following DIN EN 13279, part 1and 2

Determination of the Flow Spread following working instruction

Determination of the Beginning to Stiffen following DIN EN 13279, part 1 and 2

Determination of the Compression Strength following DIN EN 13279, part 1 and 2

Determination of the Diffusion Coefficients following operation instruction 18 879

Measurement of the Permeability in baroid following testing station instruction 135

Measurement of the Flexural Strength following DIN EN 993-6

Measurement of the Water Absorption, Apparent Bulk Density and Open Porosity following DIN EN 993-1 (vacuum method)

Measurement of the Pore Size Distribution following testing station instruction 76

Testing the Mould Material on an pressure casting equipment DGA80G including an assessment of the body formation

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