Drying tests

Drying by given Temperature-Humidity Profile to max. 140°C

Drying chamber: 0,9 m³, ca. 0,7 x 1 x 1,25 m³ (W x L x H)

Registration of the Bigot-Curve and water loss

Drying in a Climate Test Chamber WK1-180/40

Drying chamber 0,125 m³, ca. 0,55 x 0,45 x 0,5 m³ (W x L x H)

Cold-heat working range: -40 to 180°C

Climate working range: 10 to 95 °C by 10 to 98 % rel. humidity

Dew point temperature range: 4 to 94 °C

Drying in a Spray Dryer

Water evaporation capacity: 60 l/h

Max. pressure of pump: 20 bar

Minimum approach: 120 l slip

Unary bushing system, different spray heads and twist bodies to realize a corresponding grading fraction (100 µm to 500 µm)

Drying in a Laboratory Dryer with circulation air, Drying chamber 0,75 m³

Temperature range: 20 to 250°C

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Gero Stolle

Phone: +49 3521 463530

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Michael Bormann

Phone: +49 3521 463531