Rheological tests, filtration behavior

Water absorption / (swelling) capacity according to ENSLIN according to testing station instruction 18884

Mixing water requirement according to PFEFFERKORN type M-1192, following operating instruction 18887; determining the deformation ratio for the evaluation of the processing moisture

Filtration capability of suspensions by BAROID according to testing station instruction 135

Casting slip characterization / optimal deffloculation of raw materials and masses

  • density and litre weight
  • viscosity measurements according to LEHMANN, KEYL, FORD (flow time with breaker including determination of thixotropy)
  • viscosity according to GALLENKAMP including thixotropy following DIN EN ISO 2431)
  • body formation, time to truncate and assesment of body features following operating instruction 18879
  • Optimal liquefaction of plastic raw materials and masses by using different (default: 2) deffloculants,  complete characterization of  the casting slip in the optimum
  • Viscosity measurement with a rotating-cylinder viscosimeter (Rheolab MC 1), shear gradient or shear stress specified by customer

Characterization of pressure casting slips:

Testing the pressure casting slip on a pressure casting equipment (DGA 80, Co. DORST) including characterization of the technological behavior and assessment of body formation

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